This page is for managing tasks. At the top of the page there is a horizontal menu. Here you can start, stop, duplicate, reset actions, select, and delete any task. To use one of menu buttons you have to select the necessary task (click on it), or some tasks (it is possible to select several tasks for the same actions), and press the necessary button.

The task list is displayed as a table with 5 fields: «Task name», «Task type», «Status», «Result», «Efficiency», «Control».


Here you can see the number of actions has made today, and a total number of actions of all the time. These numbers are divided by slash. You can reset the numbers clicking the Reset actions button.


Here you can see the percent of sent requests which have had positive result (only last 24 hours are taking into consideration). This number is updated once per day, when the task start to work for the first time. The higher these numbers, the more effectively the task is working. The calculation is for Liking and Follow tasks where only one account is active.


Each task has identical set of buttons: «Edit», «Copy», «Delete», «Start», «Stop», «Log».

The Edit button allows to make changes in the task.

The Log button allows to see all actions and errors in the task.

All other buttons perform the same functions as the buttons from the horizontal menu, just for the chosen task.

At the bottom of the list of all tasks there is a general statistical information: how many tasks do you have, how much are on pause, how many tasks are having errors, how many actions have been done today and during all period of using tasks.

On the page there is also a search by name.

If you have many tasks, you can put them into lists. By default, all tasks are located in the Main list. Any task can be transferred from one list into another one. For this purpose you have to select a task, and press the Move task button at the bottom of the page.

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